Published: 18th November 2009
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Tea bags play a major role in the healing of wounds and sunburns on the skin. A few wet tea bags when applied on the wounds and sunburns lessen the pain. Tea bags containing aloe in it are usually preferred. The tea bags should be placed into a cool bath and should be soaked for a while for the soothening, healing of the wounds. Aloe Tea bags do include the combination of aloe honey tea and aloe green tea. Warm tea bags are placed on the irritated skin to heal the sunburn and lessen the pain caused due to the excess itching sensation. They are used to avoid the crackling and peeling of the skin. If the formation of the cracks is quite intense then the tea bags would remove the cracks gradually. During the breastfeeding period, formation of cracks become intense and painful at times and so women are advised to place warm tea bags on the breast to get rid of the cracks formed.

The pain also decreases gradually due to the mild heat produced from the tea bags. Smelly feet, infections, razor burns, mosquito bites and bug bites can also be cured using tea bags by placing them on the affected areas. Swelling is reduced and no infections occur when tea bag treatment is done immediately. Cold sores are also treated by placing warm tea bags on the sore for at least half an hour a day. Eyes are also refreshed by placing tea bags on them and toothache is also lessened by placing a tea bag that is soaked in cold water.

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